Things are shaping up to be a great regatta in a week and a half!  Couple little things that I wanted to pass along to you that is unique to this regatta…

  • Don’t hit McDonnald’s on the way over!  We have a full breakfast for you on Saturday morning!  Great lunch and an AWESOME dinner planned for those of you that would like to stick around.
  • We are going to provide adult beverages and have a Laser swap meet that evening!  How can you pass that up!  Bring your gear you want to get rid of!  If you have space, bring an extra boat you would like to sell.  We will make room for it!
  • Central location!  For you FW Laser sailors, we are close.  For you Dallas Laser sailors, we are close.  For you AUSTIN Laser sailors, we are only 3 hours away!  Heck, I drove to Austin for a lunch meeting yesterday.

As you can tell, we are all very excited to be hosting the Dist 15 Championships!  T-shirts will be very cool (if you like ’70s’ rock you will LOVE them), food will be awesome, racing will be great and beer will be cold!  How can you pass this regatta up???

I also have a bet with my fellow regatta organizer (Sunfish guy) that we will have a better turn-out than they do!  That should be motivation enough!!!

See you on the 21st.  We will be hanging out the evening of the 20th if you would like to drop off your boat.

Here is a link to the web site and registration page.

Feel free to call me with 817-313-6739

Jack Hattendorf
Laser 182941