Regatta Scores and Cumulative Scores

Each D15 local regatta’s are awarded 10 pts
Rock the Ice  10 pts
Easter Regatta 10 pts
Summer Solstice 10 pts
The Hood 10 pts
The Championship is 20 pts as per ILCA NA GrandPrix rules.
In any regatta the following entries are required. 
Fewer fleet entries in the event, no points are awarded for that fleet.
ILCA 7:  Seven (7) entries to count
ILCA 6: Seven (7) entries to count 
ILCA 4: Five (5) entries to count
High point scores system, where 1st place is awarded the maximum number of points
For example
Rock the Ice 1st place is awarded 10 pts
Rock the Ice 10th place is awarded 1 pt
Highest total points scored wins.
An award designated “Iron Man” is awarded to the most attended 
regatta’s with the most points. In the event of a draw, the Championship
score determines the winner.

Current D15 Leader

Dustin Brennan

Dustin Brennan of CSC Dallas Laser Fleet, coming from his resent 2023 Gulf Coast Championships win, secures “The Easter Regatta” and catapults himself into the D15 leader position with a healthy 4 point lead.  

Photo of Dustin at Rock the Ice showing outstanding boat control.
More about Dustin Here.
Chris Henkel of Austin Yacht Club, remains in second position by one point over Austin Yacht Clubs Lucas Tenrreiro.