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Laserpalooza 2014

It’s time for Octoberfish and Laserpalooza at Arlington Yacht Club, Sept. 20-21, 2014.  If you want a tee-shirt, you must register by Sept. 10th.  If 5 or more radial and/or 4.7 sailors want to race, you have until Sept. 10 to let Jack know you are coming.  Contact Jack at or 817-313-6739

NOR is posted here.

UPDATE:  Here are the scores from the AYC Regatta.

AYC winners

Laser pts Place
Peckover 7 1
Atkins 14 2
Bushaw 18 3
Hattendorf 31 4
Marsh 36 5
Wallace 38 6
Williams 38 7
Newton 41 8
Silva 57 9
Gibbs 58 10
Laser 4.7
Aubin Hattendorf 4 1
Ben Laffey 4 2
Ava Hattendorf 4 3


District Championship Results

Everyone had a great time at the combined TSA Cannonball run and D15 District Championship.  There was a total of 37 laser sailors across all three classes.

The 4.7 class was won by Brandon Cassard followed by Dylan Ascencios and Ben Froelich.  The radial class was won by Skylar Bayman followed by Madeleine Butcher and Daniel Kendrick.  The full rig class was won by Keen Butcher followed by Doug Peckover and David Morgan.

The next stop in the District race circuit is at Arlington Yacht Club Sept. 20-21st.  NOR will be posted soon.  We had a great turn out of juniors racing with the adults last year.  Mark your calendar.

You can find the championship results here.