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Christmas Sale

Laser Performance is discounting sails 30% and 20% on parts.  This is a substantial discount and for some items, they are the only one with it on hand. Be sure to insert all the discount codes when checking out.

  • 30% off sails HS13SAIL30
  • 20% off parts HS13PARTS
  • 10% off boats HS13BOATS

Arlington Sailors Needs Your Help

If you attended this year’s District Championship at Arlington Yacht Club, you might have heard rummers that the city wanted them to tear down their modest structures.  Now the city’s parks department is suggesting regulations that no boat storage be allowed at the city park.  No boat storage means no yacht club.

Arlington Yacht Club is seeking your help.  Sign-up for Facebook and like their “save Arlington Yacht Club” page.  Share it with your fiends and add post to show how much you appreciate the club.

Here is the link

The Facebook page includes contact information for the mayor and council person where Lake Arlington resides.  Please be respectful but do contact them to express your concern about the status of the club.  If you live in Arlington, be sure to include your address.

Here are some talking points.

  • The club provides a low cost access to water.  One of the reasons cited for the poor USA performance in the most resent Olympics is high cost of entry into the sport.
  • The club provides sailing instructions, boat safety, and social support.  Without instructions and support, many inexperienced people simply give up and leave the sport.  The public is in danger when there are no experienced sailors to provide guidance.
  • The club has hosted many regattas where people from around the state as well as around the country attend.  Last fall, the club hosted the most attended Laser class District Championship in many years.  It included a good mix of junior and adult sailors.
  • The club provides a healthy activity that the whole family can enjoy together.  The lake is too small for water skiing and swimming is prohibited.  Sailing is the best use for the city’s asset.

Please help your fellow sailors in saving their club.